Ginza Six Garden, Landscaped rooftop

Ginza Six

The Architectural Building and its Green Rooftop

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Ginza Six is a skyscraper home to a luxurious shopping mall, inaugurated in 2017 in the heart of Tokyo’s Ginza district. With an artistic and modern design, the building offers a broad range of shopping possibilities including the most renowned Japanese and international fashion brands. The highlight of the place is the rooftop, laid out as a green oasis and welcoming a quiet break in the open-air.

Ginza Six was designed by architect Yoshio Taniguchi (who also created Tokyo’s Sea Life Park Aquarium and redesigned the Museum of Modern Art in New-York). The construction works lasted 3 years, and the building was elevated on the former location of the historical Matsuzakaya department store, that first opened in 1924. Ginza Six was inaugurated on April 17th, 2017, in the presence of political and economic figures such as:

  • Shinzo Abe, who was then Prime Minister of Japan.
  • Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo; and,
  • Bernard Arnault, LVMH’s CEO.

Ginza Six spreads on 19 floors, of which 6 are underground, for a total superficies of 148.700 m².

Ginza Six, Exhibition Six Boats by Chiharu Shiota in 2019 in the luxury shopping mall

A meticulous interior design

Shopping and art exhibitions

The shopping space on the ground floor offers the first impression on the building with an overview of its five shared upper floors. The interior design was created by French designer Gwenael Nicolas.

The majestic central atrium is an artistic space where marvelous artworks are suspended for a few months’ exhibitions. When we visited in May 2019, "Six Boats" (see pictures) by Chiharu Shiota was on display, but other famous international artists had their artworks exhibited here, such as Yayoi Kusama and Daniel Buren. The art collective teamLab also provided an installation, a soothing virtual waterfall named Universe of Water Particles on the Living Wall, that can be admired all year around.

The nearly 250 stores at Ginza Six, expending on 47.000 m², mostly welcome wealthy customers, who are used to the area’s high-end refinement. Japanese crafts stores (lacquerware, utensils, kimonos…) complete the usual offer of luxury brands (Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Céline, Chanel, Fendi, Vivienne Westwood…).

In the floors, a wonderful bookstore opens on a refined café.

It seems the number of staff members is higher than the customers’, but they are always obliging.

Restaurants and other services

As usual in Japanese malls, an entire floor is dedicated to food with about thirty high-end restaurants at the 13th floor.

Also, a tourist service center, Terminal Ginza, gathers several services such as orientation information, currency exchange, ticket purchase or luggage delivery.

More surprisingly, a 480 seats auditorium is home to a Noh theater playing dramas of the Kanze School, with the ulterior motive of making this art more accessible to the international audience.

Lastly, 7 floors of the building are occupied by offices, for a total superficies of 38.000 m², which is one of the largest office spaces in Tokyo. It is used by up to 3,000 workers, who are permanent employees or co-workers.

Ginza Six Garden, Garden and rooftop observatory 2

Ginza Six Garden: the woody terrace on the roof

The highlight is most probably the suspended garden at the top of the building. Spreading on 4,000 m², it is the largest terrace space in the district.

It offers 360 degrees views on the neighborhood up to the Tokyo Tower 🗼, and even on the SkyTree, even if it is less visible. Ginza Six does not stand very high (only 56 meters high / ~184ft.) and is indeed surrounded by buildings, but it has the advantage of providing a close vantage point on the roofs of Tokyo, the air-conditioning systems and small aerial shrines hidden like easter eggs.

The promenade is beautiful. With a large plaza decorated with a water mirror, vegetal walls and dense greenery, G6 Garden offers a careful arrangement that attracts families and the area’s employees who enjoy eating their bento 🍱 lunch on the quiet benches, sometimes under the shading of trees.

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