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Japan in the World

Cultural and Touristic Attractiveness

Since the end of World War II and Japan’s surrender, the country is looking to cooperate with Western democratic states and to establish good relationships with other Asian nations (first and foremost with China and South Korea).

As the third economy in the world and member of the G7, the country is represented by a Prime Minister. Shinzo Abe holds a longevity record at this position, he occupied from 2012 to 2020 and positively engaged in the promotion of Japan in the world. The archipelago was in the meantime designated to hold great international events, such as:

An international attractiveness

Aside the organization of these international events, Japan has been implementing a voluntary tourism-oriented policy in order to help the country’s economy recover from a succession of great natural disasters that made the top of the news worldwide.

However, the country is still one of the safest for its visitors: a low criminality rate, no endemic disease and good living standards despite the aging of the population.

Japanese art, popular culture and gastronomy all contribute to the attractiveness of the country and to its popularity among admirers from all over the world. Sushi and ramen restaurants numbers are growing, and manga are translated in dozens of languages while animated movies are released in movies theaters all around the world.

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