Hokutopia (Tokyo), View on Oji district


Oji Observatory on the North of Tokyo

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Hokutopia is a tower located at the exit of Oji station in Kita ward, in the north of Tokyo in Japan. Its 17th floor shelters an indoor observation deck with a panoramic view on the urban fabric of the Kanto plain.

Standing right next to the north exit of Oji station, Hokutopia Tower is an observatory on the area and northern Tokyo, up to Kawagoe in the neighboring Saitama prefecture. The observation deck is reachable by an elevator to the uppermost 17th floor, from which one can admire the view behind large windows.

People of all ages go to Hokutopia, be they elderly visitors, young adults or families with children. As a matter of fact, Kita ward offers a varied urban landscape encompassing:

  • The maze of railway tracks, beloved by densha otaku, the train amateurs, including the Tohoku Shinkansen’s tracks;
  • The park on Asukayama hill and its sakura 🌸 blooming in spring;
  • The Shakujii-gawa river, that is easily spotted in early spring thanks to its pink cherry trees, and its red maple trees in autumn;
  • As well as local temples and shrines such as Kongo-ji (金剛寺).

The effervescent Ikebukuro district is also a stone throw away and easily recognizable as it is spreading at the foot of its iconic Sunshine 60, a tower with another beautiful observation deck on the capital.

Hokutopia (Tokyo), Inside view of the observatory

Watching the capital’s residential neighborhoods

Being above Tokyo’s rooftops is favorable to contemplation and to take the time to watch the inhabitants’ daily lives, their comings and goings and the ongoing construction works in the city, marked by white and red cranes standing among the buildings.

The skyline distinctively encompasses the Tokyo SkyTree, the Chichibu mountain range, Mount Akagi in Gunma prefecture and sometimes Mount Fuji 🗻 when the sky is very clear, especially in winter. Otherwise, it is also possible to enjoy the sunset in its direction at the end of the afternoon.

Oji residential neighborhood is away from the usual sightseeing courses in the capital but worth the discovery, and Hokutopia’s free panoramic observatory is a good introduction to it. The tower itself is used as a cultural center and includes venues for various events such as conferences, concerts or theater plays.

At the entrance of the building, you will find a replica of the statue displayed in Nagasaki Peace Park, designed by sculptor Seibo Kitamura (1884 - 1987) who used to live in Oji.

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