Hotels in Japan

When traveling in Japan, choice is plentiful regarding the variety of places to stay. Under "Hotels in Japan" we gathered the various modern hotels accommodation types, which are often cheaper or offer discount, especially:

  • Western style hotels and business hotels;
  • Guest-houses;
  • Youth Hostels;
  • Capsule Hotels; and,
  • Hotel Apartments.

House rental and more traditional accommodations such as ryokan inns are described in other sections.

The budget range is wide, from an average of ¥3,000 (~US$19.31) per night and per person in a youth hostel to sky-high prices in luxury hotels.

What are the specificities of hotels in Japan?

The price or the number of stars don’t necessarily reflect the quality of the service provided or the hygiene aspects. Japan is a country where service is so essential that even a cheap hotel will provide a minimum of amenities and comfort, and it will certainly be clean.

Beside budget requirements, location and previous customers’ reviews, there are some details to pay attention to when choosing a hotel in the archipelago:

  • The room surface: it is quite common to find 10m²-size double rooms, quite small indeed for two persons and their luggage!
  • The air conditioning system: a must-have equipment, especially in summer.
  • Some rooms are smoker-friendly! It might not be a problem if you are a smoker, but can make your stay very uncomfortable otherwise.
  • Many hotels in Japan display price per night and per person, and not per room. The price is however generally lowered according to the number of guests in the room.

Finally, and despite the increase of tourism, bear in mind that many hotel owners or staff are not proficient English speakers, even in high-end places boasting 3 or 4 stars. Japanese is still the main language for communication.

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