Hotel Tavinos Asakusa (Tokyo), Hollywood Twin Room

Hotel Tavinos Asakusa (Review)

Manga and Pop Art ambiance in the North-east of Tokyo

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Tavinos Asakusa is a 3-star hotel located in Asakusa district, in the north-east of Tokyo. It opened in 2020 with an interior design taking inspiration in the Japanese manga universe and its vivid colors. With a good value for money regarding its location, the hotel is intended for single travelers or couples looking for a simple and convenient base.

Hotel 🏨 Tavinos Asakusa provides a youthful and laid-back atmosphere in a flashy colors decor mixing Japanese manga, Pop art and American comics. The cartoon spirit and pencil strokes are constantly reminded by the black and white contrasts on the walls. The hotel’s lounge is also arranged with a book corner providing many manga and places to read comfortably seating. Amateurs of Japanese pop culture truly feel at home and the relaxed atmosphere spurs guests to interact together.

Hotel Tavinos Asakusa (Tokyo), Communal lounge

The rooms display the same design up to the bed linen also printed with comic strips motifs. With a 12m² superficies, the rooms can accommodate 2 persons and are designed to optimize space, therefore:

  • The usual closet at the entrance is replaced by hangers on the wall, to put clothes on,
  • Suitcases can be placed under the podium beneath the bedding, which includes a big 2 persons mattress or 2 mattresses for 1 person side by side;
  • The bathroom includes a toilet 🚽, a sink and a shower in a lengthwise space. There is no bathtub except in the room for persons with reduced mobility.

For a more sustainable hotel operation, the tidying up of the room is scheduled every 3 days, but can be done more frequently upon additional charge. The only daily room service is emptying the trash bins and changing the towels. Likewise, indoor clothes (pajamas and slippers) offered by the establishment are available at the lounge but are not automatically placed in the rooms

Hotel Tavinos Asakusa (Tokyo), Entrance of the hotel

A modern and economic hotel in the capital

Inaugurated in July 2020, Hotel Tavinos Asakusa is the 2nd establishment of the「HOTEL TAVINOS」franchise operated by the Fujita Kanko group, also owning the Washington business hotels and the upscale Chinzanso. The other 2 current hotels are located in Hamamatsucho in Minato ward in the south of Tokyo’s center, and in Kyoto, on the Kawaramachi-dori avenue.

Slightly off the center, about 10 minutes’ walk from the very touristic streets surrounding Senso-ji temple, the hotel is located at the exit of Asakusa station, on the Tsukuba Express train 🚅 line. The shopping street Kappabashi-dori and the retro themed park Hanayashiki are also 2 interesting attractions of the capital within walking distance.

The hotel’s vicinity is also complemented by several neighborhood’s food retailers, such as a konbini that sells home-made melonpan and a supermarket to easily find inexpensive food. Note however that rooms do not have refrigerators. Every morning from 6:30 a.m. the hotel offers a free self-service snack including a few pastries and unlimited tea and coffee.

The 3-starred and still well-maintained Tavinos Asakusa, thanks to its recent equipment, offers a good value for money to active travelers roaming the capital. An interactive station is also available for guests who would like an efficient and convenient check-in in autonomy.

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By Kanpai Updated on January 25, 2023 Hôtel Tavinos Asakusa (avis)