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The Park Hotel Tokyo is a four-star hotel nested inside the Shiodome Media Tower skyscraper, located in the southern part of Tokyo. In the tower's upper floors, the hotel reveals several unique rooms decorated like an art museum. This attractive building is practical, high-end, and atypical, seducing travelers looking for both comfort and a unique experience.

The 30th floor (31F) is mostly reserved for the artist rooms. Each of the rooms has a unique pictorial masterpiece created on the walls, and it is quite imposing. Painters were selected for the Artist in Hotel 🏨 project developed between 2012 and 2016 and had total freedom to create a personal Japan-inspired decor to dress up the room.

Clients may prefer to sleep in a contemporary artist’s den, such as Mayako Nakamura, Kenyu Mitsuhashi, OZ-Yamaguchi Keisuke, Kiyoko Abe, Naoki Takenouchi, or Junji Yamada. Be careful: the paintings are very diverse and may not be to the client’s taste, and it is advised to request a specific Artist Room during the reservation process.

After arriving, a welcome booklet precisely presents the artist’s work in the chosen room, as well as a presentation of the whole artistic project. This allows for a better understanding of each painting’s symbolism and the Japanese cultural aspect it shows, which is a beautiful way to highlight the Japanese civilization.

Regarding amenities, rooms are quiet with pretty views of the city. Single rooms, the smallest of all, are still bigger than the majority of Tokyo hotel rooms. Bedding is very high-end, and breakfast, while not included, is available but could also be eaten outside. Bars and restaurants located on the 25th floor of the tower offer interesting culinary tastes. The Hanasanshou specializing in a traditional Kaiseki meal, or the bistro Tateru Yoshino for those wishing to have a French meal, such as Lyon’s quenelle or crepes from French Brittany, are recommended.

It is convenient to visit the capital city, as several transportation lines are located at the foot of the tower. The heart of the Shiodome business district can seem a little cold and not welcoming for foreign tourists. Yet, the hotel’s staff speaks English well, which is very pleasant for daily recommendations about Tokyo. The impressive entrance with its glass facades offering views of Tokyo is warm, and the decor is made with regularly changing contemporary art pieces. Finally, numerous popular Japanese izakaya bars are nearby at Shimbashi’s west exit for those wishing for atypical recreational nights out.

Note that the rooms with classic decor are available in large numbers and at a more affordable rate.

This visit article has been realized with an organized and sponsored travel by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Kanpai has been invited and guided but keeps a total freedom of editorial content.

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By Kanpai Updated on February 16, 2023 Park Hotel Tokyo (avis)