Mount Omuro (Izu Peninsula), Open-air observatory

Mount Omuro

Natural Observatory on the Izu Peninsula

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Mount Omuro is an extinct volcano on Ito City’s territory, in the north-east of the Izu Peninsula. Its summit culminates 580 meters above sea level and provides a breath of fresh air with a very enjoyable panoramic view on the surrounding area. Its crater is used as a leisure activities grounds.

Aside its balanced and aesthetic shape, Mount Omuro’s volcanic cone is worth the climb to enjoy a beautiful unobstructed view on the surroundings and beyond. The volcano 🌋 is located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and on clear weather days it allows a stunning view on the majestic Mount Fuji 🗻 standing in the background about sixty kilometers to the north-west.

Mount Omuro (Izu Peninsula), View on Mount Fuji

A ropeway to climb the Mount

The only access to the natural observatory is Mount Omuro Lift, a few minutes ride on a ropeway. As a matter of fact, hiking Mount Omuro is forbidden and there is no road or trail allowing it. However, the ropeway allows to leisurely climb the gentle slope of the volcano slightly above its vegetation, that changes color according to the seasons, and provides a first glimpse at the mountainous landscape. Don’t forget to discretely greet the people who are on their way back.

At the summit, the wind is blowing and sometimes quite strongly. Visitors are directed to a path that makes a complete circle around the crater, and to another one that goes down to its bottom, which is 70 meters deep and 300 meters wide. Several facilities have been constructed here, such as:

  • An archery center;
  • A Shinto shrine; and,
  • A small shop to grab a snack on site.

Mount Omuro (Izu Peninsula), Jizo statues

Panorama on the mountains and the ocean

The walk offers several points of view. Watching toward south, one can admire the blue of the Sagami Bay and Izu Islands. Following the line of the ocean, in the east, one can see a group of forestry hills that are in fact extinct volcanoes, that were active 150.000 ago. The small Ito City spreads on the foreground. Mount Omuro’s west and north sides display a beautiful mountain landscape that extends up to Fuji-san.

Beautiful pictures can be taken from the highest point of the summit. Japanese people have fun making special photo shoots, jumping and raising arms to give the impression of flying above the mountains. Additionally, you will find very photogenic sceneries with the few statues of Jizo, the Bodhisattva protector of children and travelers, gazing at the horizon, their red bibs blown by the wind.

Mount Omuro is a pleasant family outing and a delight for 360° landscapes amateurs. The quietness of the place and its large panorama are worth the detour when visiting the north of Izu peninsula over a few days.

At the base of Mount Omuro, and to complement the trip, one can mention Izu Shaboten Zoo, the restaurant Ohmuro LuncheOnette, and the cherry trees park Sakura 🌸 no sato which is a very beautiful spot between late March and early April for a picnic under the flowers and a view on the volcano.

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