Kobe Port Tower

Kobe Port Tower

The 360° View From the Aerial Red Tower

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Kobe Port Tower is a panoramic observation deck located in Meriken Park, on the shore of Osaka bay. Inaugurated in 1963, its 108-meter-high hyperboloid structure is now an iconic landmark of Kobe City.

The seafront, from Meriken Park to Harborland, first comes to mind when thinking of Kobe must-sees. A walk along the promenade of the port inevitably goes near Kobe Port Tower and its famous and characteristic architectural red attire.

Built in 1963, its surprising and futuristic shape towers at 108 meters above sea level. The elevator stops a little bit under the tower’s top, at the lowest of the last five levels and their narrow stairs. At the top is a confined and a little bit old-fashioned space that nonetheless offers beautiful 360° views on the port, Osaka bay and Kobe City up to the mountains.

Only three of the tower levels are occupied by the observation deck, the two others house a restaurant and a revolving café. The tower is also used as an emitter for telecommunications in the area.

A new deck in 2024

After several years of renovation works between late 2021 and early 2024 (scheduled to reopen on April 26, 2024), the Kobe Port Tower is know equipped with a new upper observation platform, on an open-air deck. The inside decoration into the tower has also been refreshed and a permanent shopping mall has been constructed at the foot of the building.

Visitors can enjoy open-air panoramic views, with an admission ticket now above the ¥1,000 (~US$6.53) threshold.

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By Kanpai Updated on April 12, 2024 Tour de Kobe