Egeyama Park, View on blooming cherry trees and Kobe


The park on Kobe’s heights

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Egeyama is a public park located in the south-west of Kobe, in Hyogo prefecture, in Japan. Perched in a residential district, surrounded by dozens of cherry trees blooming nicely in spring, the park offers an incredible view on downtown Kobe.

Sakura 🌸 viewing spots are scarce in Kobe, and stamina is necessary here to enjoy Ohanami, the blooming season of cherry trees, in early spring.

As a matter of fact, the nearest subway 🚇 exit is only half a kilometer away from the park entrance. However the park is nested in a charming residential area whose steep topography requires energy for a walk that is more of a climb than a simple stroll.

As the name Egeyama evokes, the park spreads on the top of Mount Ege in the middle of the city. The landscape might somehow recall of some hilly areas in San Francisco.

The hike is quickly rewarding when Mount Ege offers a pleasant panorama, through the branches, on the western part of Kobe and Nagata ward. In the evening, Japanese people and tourists also appreciate the place as an observatory.

Spreading on 12,000 square meters, the park will please high level runners, interested in steep courses. A handful of benches allow for a rest under the cherry trees branches, to enjoy the quietness of the place.

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By Kanpai Updated on April 07, 2020 Egeyama