Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, Oike pond and blooming cherry trees

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park

The Excellent Flower Spot in Osaka’s North-east 

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Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park is a large green space for leisure in Tsurumi ward, in the north-east of Osaka. Of the International Horticultural Exposition staged on its grounds in 1990, it has kept several world gardens and unconventional architectures to be discovered along with a succession of flowerings. About 1,400 Japanese cherry trees were planted near the ponds and embellish their surroundings in the beginning of spring.

The now Tsurumi Ryokuchi Expo '90 Commemorative Park was under the international spotlight during the 1990 International Horticultural Exposition. Also named "International Garden and Greenery Exposition", this event attracted more than 23 million visitors over a five-month period.

Since then, while the plants and trees from all over the world displayed at the exhibition stayed, the park’s alley are deserted. The place returned to confidentiality and is now mainly roamed by the wards’ inhabitants who find there a place to unwind in the outdoor and practice sports on a daily basis.

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, Blooming cherry trees in spring

Pic-nic under the sakura blossoms

However, the 120 hectares of this great park are worth the detour, especially during the sakura 🌸 blooming period in spring. The western shores of the main pond Oike were planted with classical somei yoshino cherry trees. Overall the park is home to about 1,400 sakura trees, growing near its many bodies of water and blossoming in the early days of April.

Large alleys allow for comfortable cycling and it is easy to find a place under the cherry trees while keeping some distance with the other groups. No need here to come in advance to book a piece of ground. Children and adults all enjoy the large lawns where one can pic-nic, run or relax under the sun.

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, Dutch Windmill Hill and fields of tulips and cosmos

Gardens of the world

The visit of Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park continues north to Oike pond, in the upper part named Yama no area (山のエリア, the "mountain area"). The International Garden (Kokusai Teien) gathers various landscapes of the world in a walk encompassing several countries such as the United Kingdom, Iran, Morocco, China or South Korea. However, the countries’ pavilions were diversely preserved and some areas may be closed to the public. In any case, this stroll blending urban exploration and botanical discovery is sure to arouse curiosity. Even on bad weather days, the large Sakuya Konohana Kan flower greenhouse displays vegetal collections representing various climate types, from the desert’ cacti to alpine plants.

There is also a large Japanese stroll garden with a pond and its traditional architecture tea house Murasaki-tei. The plum trees grove Bairin and a rose 🌹 garden nearby complete the picture of Japan’s most popular flowerings. The water stream of Midori no Seseragi is moreover a beautiful koyo 🍁 spot in autumn.

The world tour ends by one of the parks’ symbols: the Windmill Hill that replicates the famous Dutch flower fields. Japanese people love staging wedding pictures in this Netherlandish scenery or walking their dogs, that are welcome in the park. The flowerbeds at the foot of the windmill are in bloom almost all year round, and particularly feature tulips, sunflowers, and cosmos.

While Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park is of an easy access by public transportation from Osaka Castle 🏯, it is also served by its own subway 🚇 station. It is highly recommended to spend a day in this unique place to get your fill of colors.

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