Koganei Park (Tokyo), People enjoying the blooming cherry trees in spring

Koganei Park

The 2.000 Cherry Trees in the West of Tokyo

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Koganei Park, located in western Tokyo, is one of the largest green areas of the capital. It gained popularity thanks to its sports facilities and its majestic cherry trees profusely blooming in spring. The Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum is the cultural attraction of the site.

Koganei Koen, spreading over approximately 80 hectares (198 acres) in the west of the capital, is the 2nd largest public park in Tokyo. Its green spaces, well-maintained and laid out for sports and leisure, attract the neighborhoods’ inhabitants as soon as the weather becomes warmer, especially on the weekend. On a side note, Koganei Park is also home to the source of the Shakujii-gawa River.

One of Tokyo’s largest parks

Visitors can use the park’s map to find the various areas and equipment that would fit their needs, be it a leisurely walk, a sport activity, a relaxing moment, having fun or any other activity. As for tourists, they can have a taste of the Japanese’s every day’s leisure such as riding a bicycle, playing baseball, tennis or basket ball in the outdoor. Families with young children can enjoy varied and large playgrounds, with slides, zip-lines and a slope for tobogganing.

Large lawn areas are also available take a break and enjoy the park. This space is wide enough for people to fly a kite or play a collective ball game such as soccer. On a good weather day, you’ll see groups of dancers, musicians or choirs gathering here to practice under the trees.

The north of the park, near the Shakujii river, is home to a bird sanctuary sheltering more than 40 species that amateurs ornithologists can observe with binoculars or specific cameras 📷. A specific play area is dedicated to pet dogs, so they can run freely and play with their owners. Lastly, you’ll even find a flea market sometimes on the weekend along the main alleys of the park.

Koganei Park (Tokyo), Blooming cherry trees in spring 2

Celebration of the sakura blossoms

From late March to early April, the western side of Koganei Park is embellished by the blooming of about 2,000 cherry trees 🌸, of which 430 are in the area called in English Cherry Tree Garden, dedicated to picnics and the traditional ohanami celebration.

To partake in the festivities, drop by the nearest konbini on your way to the park and buy a ready-made bento 🍱 lunch or something to nibble on and a few drinks. The shopping center in the south of Musashi-sakai station offers many freshly made meals to take out too.

Groups can rent a barbecue on site and bring their food to cook in the dedicated space and spend a convivial afternoon watching the wonderful blooming cherry trees.

Koganei Park (Tokyo), Main entrance of the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum

Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum

The last attraction of the park is highlighting culture and history, with the Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum, since 1993. The visit is an interesting add-on to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, located in Ryogoku at the center of the capital.

The outdoor exhibition offers to explore about twenty authentic Japanese homes of various time periods, from the Middle Ages to the Modern Times. This architectural village is a must-see when going to Koganei Park for the first time.

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