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Kotaete is our question and answer (Q&A) module. This is where you can submit your questions about all things Japanese to the Kanpai-chan (the Kanpai community).

This section, which acts as a modern forum about Japan, is obviously open to everyone: ask your questions and share your Japanese knowledge with other users.

Latest questions asked

  • Buy a coin operated baseball pitching machine?

    - Hi All, I just came back from Tokyo, and I went to baseball batting cage there, does anyone know where to buy this kinda machine? Second hand would be ok too. I plan to open a batting cage in my country if possible, arigatou~~ Rgrds/....Sam
  • Woodblock Prints in the Chūgoku or Shikoku region?

    - Hello, I will be going to Japan for my 13th trip and won't be going to Tokyo or Kyoto this time. I am more than interested in buying a woodblock print. Either a antique or a newer one by a current artist. I would rather not shop online. This trip I will be going to ...
  • Need help to Interprete this to Nihongo

    - No class next Tuesday as the Month of May has 5 Tuesdays ( We conduct 4 Lesson each month ) There are a few months that has 5 Tuesdays. 来週の火曜日授業はありません – no class on Tuesday next week ? 次の火曜日のクラスなし – no class next week ? kagetsu wa 5 shūkan – 1 month, 5 weeks ? ...
  • Jizo statues at San'en-zan Zojo-ji?

    - Hello, Can we buy Jizo statues from San'en-zan Zōjō-j to take home to our country? My sister has lost a baby and I would like to give her one as a gift. How tall are the statues? Thank you Alison
  • Where to download Enka?

    - I would like to download Enka by Sakamoto,Sayuri Ishikawa, Itsuki and Yoko Nagayam, please enlighten me which website and what is the charges involved. thank you
  • Please check my Japanese poem?

    - Hello! I'm writing a poem, and I decided to include a Japanese part to it. I'm a half-Japanese who was born and raised in the United States, so obviously my Japanese is not completely on par with that of a native born Japanese. I'm fairly confident that my writing, romaji...
  • What does bowing mean?

    - Hello I believe that many Americans don't understand the meaning of a simple bowing to someone. Does it mean, hello, I am worship you, a sign of relief? Humility? (or a gesture of respect as I think?) Thank you
  • Matcha tea popularity in Japan?

    - How popular is traditional matcha tea in Japan?
  • Job offer in Okinawa

    - Good morning Kanpai, I have an offer for you rather than a question: I currently hold a position in the human resources at Renaissance Resort Okinawa (Marriott franchised). Our resort recently approved of giving motivated foreigners an opportunity to experience work...
  • Season versions of Keigo phrases ?

    - Hi, I've been studying Japanese and I just started learning Keigo and Kanji in couple of months ago. I looked up about Keigo phrases on web and I found this page. http://twinklrr.com/useful-japanese-greeting-phrases.html this page says there are Keigo phrases...

Still unanswered questions

  • Onigiri cost?

    How much onigiri can be bought with the monthly allowance of a secondary school student in japan?
  • Becoming a professional athlete in Japan?

    How do girls become professional athletes? From the beginning of life and to becoming a professional Volleyball player.
  • 御宿かわせみ book series ?

    Can somebody translate this to me :. 御宿かわせみ Book Series.!! And if you know it ..could you give me some information about it..!! It is written by yumie hiraiwa... And if I want to read it, should...
  • Influence and inspiration of Japanese streetwear?

    does Japanese streetwear influence the world internationally? what is the difference between Japanese and American streetwear ? why does Japanese streetwear have such an impact on the younger...
  • Working in Japan as a software developer without a bachelor's degree?

    Hello My name is Miguel and I would like to know if i would have a chance of getting a work in japan with 4 years as software developer experience but withouth bacheerlor degree. In case i had...