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Kotaete is our question and answer (Q&A) module. This is where you can submit your questions about all things Japanese to the Kanpai-chan (the Kanpai community).

This section, which acts as a modern forum about Japan, is obviously open to everyone: ask your questions and share your Japanese knowledge with other users.

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  • What monthly salary is enough to live in Japan?

    - I was offered to work in a Japanese company at a monthly salary of 206700 Yens. Is this amount enough to sustain in Japan?
  • Capsule Hotels for both genders?

    - My husband and I are finally heading to Japan next year and he has been curious about Capsule Hotels for awhile now and wanted to try one out. Several that I have found are men only, or would have us separated by floor. I suppose that much would be fine, but the one I...
  • 御宿かわせみ book series ?

    - Can somebody translate this to me :. 御宿かわせみ Book Series.!! And if you know it ..could you give me some information about it..!! It is written by yumie hiraiwa... And if I want to read it, should I read it in order or I just can pick up any part randomly.
  • Onigiri cost?

    - How much onigiri can be bought with the monthly allowance of a secondary school student in japan?
  • Becoming a professional athlete in Japan?

    - How do girls become professional athletes? From the beginning of life and to becoming a professional Volleyball player.
  • Where to find a Cyclus Step2 in Japan?

    - Hello friends I hope I havent posted before. I wanted to know if anyone can locate this to charge my cellphone https://www.behance.net/gallery/1902587/Cyclus-Step I need this to keep my phone charged while in Japan Thank you kindly
  • Where to find the Akuma no gishiki book?

    - Hello everybody! I'm very excited about the Japanese culture especially the miths and legends surrounding it. The yokai are amazing and all the urban legends as well. I have stumbled across a ritual recently named the White Kimono ritual. Its origin source is supposed to...
  • 大和民族と日本人の関係

    - 大和民族と日本人とのつながりはなんですか?外国人が日本で結婚し、永住権を取得した場合としても、自分の日本人家族のためにさえ、彼がいつも外国人されることは本当ですか?
  • How is Zatoichi spelled and pronounced in Japanese?

    - I enjoy the films of Zatoichi and was wondering how is it spelled and said in Japanese?
  • Working in Japan as a civil / electrical engineer?

    - Currently i am in college working on my civil engineering,Electricial engineering and plumbing diplomas.Would it be hard to find work in Japan with these qualifications including 7 Gcse's?

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