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Kotaete is our question and answer (Q&A) module. This is where you can submit your questions about all things Japanese to the Kanpai-chan (the Kanpai community).

This section, which acts as a modern forum about Japan, is obviously open to everyone: ask your questions and share your Japanese knowledge with other users.

Latest questions asked

  • Questions about Yasuo Yamada / 山田 康雄 ?

    - I wanted to do some research on the late Yasuo Yamada. He was best known for his voice work as Lupin Sansei, and as the Japanese voice of Clint Eastwood. I have a few questions: 1. Is it true he taught at Waseda University? 2. What was his career beyond Lupin and...
  • Hotels close to the Osaka Sumo Competition location?

    - What 3/4 star hotels are close to the Osaka Sumo Competition location
  • Sightseeing on Tateyama line (Chitetsu)?

    - Hi, i would like to book the scenic railway ride on the tateyama line from chitetsu railway company and i would like to make a stop at some stations for sight seeing. i would like to check if i need to purchase separate tickets each time i board the train or one full...
  • Hoisin Sauce in Japanese?

    - Hi, I was wondering how do you write and say “Hoisin Sauce” in Japanese? Many thanks, Yibo
  • Buying Okara powder in Japan?

    - Where i can buy okara powder in tokyo and osaka? Please kindly give the name of the place
  • Buying Nano musician merch in Japan ?

    - I would like to know where I would be able to buy nano ナノ musician merch within Japan as in going there soon.
  • Influence and inspiration of Japanese streetwear?

    - does Japanese streetwear influence the world internationally? what is the difference between Japanese and American streetwear ? why does Japanese streetwear have such an impact on the younger generation? what influence has Japan on global fashion? why is...
  • Market shopping in Hachinohe?

    - I am going to Japan, Hachinohe and I want to know if there is something like spree markets (lot of markets next to each other where they sell fake clothes and electronic). Do you know if it is there???? Thanks
  • Where to buy kabuki face paint/make up in Tokyo?

    - Hi, I'm currently staying in Tokyo and I'm a fan of Kabuki theatre. One thing I'd love to buy is some of the face paint/make up that Kabuki actors use. I've tried google searches to try and find a shop that sells it, but to no avail. Can anyone direct me to a...
  • Long distance bus between Kobe and Tokushima?

    - I am in the middle of planning my second trip to Japan in November. I will be traveling from Kyoto to Tokushima and wish to take the shorter route via Kobe with my JR pass and then take a bus from Kobe to Tokushima over the Naruto bridge. I have found info about the AWA...

Still unanswered questions

  • Bodyboarding in Japan ?

    Hi! Im visiting Japan for the first time. Im staying for 16 days in mid-June with my wife. I will stay 3 days in Osaka where we will continue to Shiga and Kyoto prefecture. We would love to...
  • Ghibli sake bottle?

    How can I order a Ghibli sake bottle? Thank you.
  • Bus from Sensoji to Tokyo Skytree ?

    Hi, i want to ask. I saw on internet that from sensoji to tokyoskytree can by Tobu Skytree shuttle bus, and the bus stop at north side sensoji temple, if i'm not wrong. Is that bus still operated...
  • Growing Na-no-hana in the US?

    I lived in Japan for more than 30 years and studied ikebana all of those years. Now I live in Washington State and want to grow the kind of Nanohana that I bought in flower shops. It is a different...
  • Longer term storage while traveling in Japan?

    Hi there I'm heading to Japan for 11 days, the first 3 days I'll be snowboarding. Is it possible to use Takkyubin to deliver the snowboards to a long term storage facility in Tokyo or the Haneda...