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Kyoto in Spring

Sakura Viewing Spots in the Former Imperial Capital

Kansai’s beautiful historical city becomes even more attractive in spring. Thanks to the countless temples and gardens, sakura Japanese cherry trees grow throughout the city. The different sakura species usually bloom from early to mid-April. This period is therefore the best to visit Kyoto with the maximum chances to encounter the blooming peak and admire its beautiful pink and white-hued landscapes.

Japanese people, and even the many tourists, love to watch the wonderful cherry blossoms in the traditional capital. Kyoto is thus very popular for ohanami, the cherry blossom viewing parties.

There is, however, a drawback to this popularity: the city is overcrowded at this time of the year, and mass tourism clutters transportations and the viewing spots. The light-ups (evening or nightly illumination of the trees) are sought-after events with long waiting lines.

From this page, browse through Kanpai’s selection of the best sakura viewing spots in Kyoto, as well as the other beautiful flower blooming following the cherry trees in April and May (such as wisterias, azaleas, and roses).

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