Shinjuku Gyoen Sakura 13

Tokyo in Spring

Sakura Viewing Spots in the Japanese Capital

The sprawling metropolis is not necessary the first place that comes to mind to find sakura viewing spots. However, there are certainly must-see places for Japanese cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo, such as:

  • Public parks, usually wide and convenient for groups picnic and parties under the trees,
  • Some temples and shrines’ gardens, with a more sophisticated atmosphere and often used as settings for traditional weddings pictures,
  • The banks of the many rivers that cross the capital and are bordered with countless cherry trees whose branches overhang above the water.

Tokyo inhabitants usually indulge in ohanami at the end of March and in early April, when the flowers’ blooming is at its peak. Some places even stage light-ups to illuminate the trees at nightfall.

Kanpai has selected the best sakura spots in Tokyo to discover, visit and admire in photos and add these destinations in your trip, as well as other beautiful flowers blooming after the cherry trees in April and in May (such as wisterias, azaleas and roses).

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